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Rodents Can Be Hard To Control!

Rodent DamageRodents' instincts make them difficult to control, and they present a serious menace to your home. If you're in need of rodent control services, here's what you should know about these pests:

  • Rodents are instinctively wary of rat control measures such as traps and bait.
  • Rodents can harbor and transmit a number of serious diseases.
  • They can also introduce disease-carrying parasites such as fleas, lice and ticks into your home.
  • Without rodent control intervention, for example one pair of rodents may produce as many as 2,000 descendants in a year.
  • Each mouse can contaminate much more food than it eats.

Rodent control is the solution to some of the most destructive, dirty, and dangerous pests to have in or around your home. Since they are rodents, they must constantly chew or gnaw on hard materials to keep their teeth worn down. This can include almost any part of your home, including wood, metal or plastic pipes, siding, air conditioning ductwork, wiring, even concrete! Not only is it destructive, their affinity for wiring insulation can cause a fire hazard. They can breed up to 6 times in a year, producing 5-10 babies each time.

Once they take up residence in your home, they can quickly multiply, increasing the damage and danger to you and your property. Our mice control and mice removal experts are professionally trained in rat control.


Our Rodent Control Approach

Rodent Roof EntryA well-suited plan.

Different houses require varying approaches to defeat a population of rodents. We create a pest control plan that will control the rodents and prevent them from entering your house again. First Step Pest customizes the approach depending on several the number of pests present, and size of the house.

  1. Inspection to Determine the kind of species.
    By inspecting inside the home, attic or crawl and exterior of home to find entry points and to identify the rodents,
  2. Formulate the best solution to fit the situation.
    Based on the findings of what species of rodents is living under your roof, your local pest control service provider will advise the most effective solutions – either to use traps, baits or chemicals.
  3. Implement the plan.
    We will set up the baits and traps as part of rodent control service or maintenance service. We will make sure that such baits are beyond reach of kids and pets and are risk-free. No one will be able to access them apart from the targeted rodents. We will also implement, during this time, other plans agreed upon, and monitor everything.


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